Virgen de los Reyes Technical College is a regional education centre dedicated to the technical and vocational training, and subsequent job placement of Sevilla county’s youth. It is a Seville county authority’s centre which considers it a valuable tool for the economic, social and human development of the county. It is located within the José María Blanco White Educational Centre, where there also are residences for the students who come from all over the county of Seville to study with guarantee. This Educational Centre also houses sports facilities for them.

On the other hand, Virgen de los Reyes Technical College wants to have an international projection, as it is contemplated in the educational goals of its Education Project. The European and international aspect of the education we provide is a basic element. We promote student and graduate mobility, the development of European projects and programs, as well as the cooperation and exchange with other European colleges.

Specifically, the main objectives we pursue through participation in Erasmus+ programmes can be summarised as follows:

  • The acquisition of skills useful for professional development in our own environment, as well as in other EU countries, in order to increase the possibilities of labour insertion.
  • Learning about the functioning of other educational systems, new methodologies, promoting the use of new technologies, and the development of good educational practices by teachers, which can later be implemented in our educational system, enriching it.
  • Promoting the professional development and integration of the people of the area of influence of the educational centre.
  • Language learning by students as well as teachers in order to promote the exchange and the cultural and socio-economic development of the European Community countries.
  • Encourage the participants´ adaptation ability.

All these aspects are based on participants´ shared interests in the Erasmus + programs which trigger a higher motivation level and allows a better professional development.